Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Powerful, Perky Glutes!

As featured in Oxygen Magazine!

When I approach lower body training with my clients I tend to focus on the back of leg (glutes, hams and calves). Most women prefer slimmer thighs and a tight butt :) Typical leg workouts focus on basic squats, the leg press and step ups etc. These exercises tend to put a great deal of emphasis on the quads, leaving the glutes as a secondary or assist muscle. Now this isn't a "bad" thing, but today's focus is entirely on the glutes!

In powerlifting, the posterior chain is everything. Strong hamstrings, glutes and erectors will make or break an athlete. I've taken traditional powerlifting exercises (minus the lunges) and changed the rep range to an optimal muscle building "10".

I've been implementing this workout for quite sometime now, and have had GREAT success with it. Most can barely sit the next day (lol). Try this workout twice a week, with at least 48 hours of rest in between. Hope you enjoy!

Powerful, Perky Glutes!

Warm up: 5min light cardio and 5min lower body stretching. Pay special attention to stretches that will help to open the hips (ex: frogs, deep assisted squats) and loosen the hamstrings.


Low Box Squat

Beginner variation, Goblet Squat

1) Low Box Squats (11in box) Sumo Stance - 3x10 Choose a weight that you're comfortable with, squatting at this depth is new for most, and requires flexibility. If you are a beginner try the "Goblet Squat" instead.

Romanian Deadlift

2) Romanian Deadlifts -3x10 Again, choose a weight that allows you focus on your glutes and hamstrings while maintaining proper form.

Barbell Hip Extensions

3) Barbell Hip Extensions -3x10 To increase the range of motion in this exercise, position your upper back on a sturdy flat bench and your feet on a low box.

Glute Ham Raises (GHR's)
4) GHR's -3x10 Position your knees on a soft mat, have a partner hold your ankles, (or use the pads on a lat pull down machine as pictured above), in an upright position fall forward with control (using your hamstrings to slow you down) onto your hands, push away from the floor and return to the starting position.

Walking Lunges

5) Walking Lunges -2x30 paces I suggest using lighter dumbbells and increasing the length of your step, focusing on your glutes. This is your finishing exercise, so feel the burn!

Cool Down: 5min of lower body stretching and down a protein shake!

Additional Credits:
Models: Myself, Lyndsie & Cyndi
Photographer: Mr. iPhone
Hair & Makeup: Sweat and Chalk..?

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